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Over the years we have had a lot of questions, these are just a list of the most frequently asked. 


Why choose Beauty Couture for hair and make-up on-location?

I do understand that not everyone can see the art in makeup artistry, but trust me; the quality of work varies significantly! The quality of makeup artists will be reflected in their pricing. You have people who are just beginning, more experienced artists, and the people who are the very best in the industry, who will obviously charge at a higher rate. Basically, you get what you pay for. If the makeup side of your wedding (or any other event) really is not important to you, and you really cannot determine the difference between a regular makeup artist and an AWESOME makeup artist, or the quality of makeup, then yes, definitely go for your budget end makeup artists! 


Most brides will want to look the absolute best on their wedding day, just remember the makeup artist plays an important role in how you will look on your big day (and the years later as documented in ALL your photographs). If you are very particular, and only want to look the very best for your event AND in your photos, then please remember that good quality makeup artists, come at a price – you are getting a high end service and piece of mind. I know everyone has a completely different budget when it comes to their wedding, so remember to consider this when planning your day, and make sure to spend the money in the areas that matters to you.


When considering the rates of the services, you must recognize that these factors contribute to the cost of beauty services, including but not limited to the following:


  • 1) Luxury: On location beauty services are considered a luxury service. I will be packing up and transporting bags of equipment and supplies directly to you in the comfort of your home, bridal suite or hotel, on demand at the hour you specify. Yes, I bring my service to you.

  • 2) Experience & Professionalism: What made you want to contact me for services? Maybe the look of my website or perhaps the quality of my images brought you here. Beauty is my full time job. As a professional, my expertise is broad and extensive, and I bring this knowledge to each consultation. The training I have received and put myself through, as well as experience makes my time as a professional valuable.

  • 3) Products & Tools: All of my products and tools are professional grade and kept in sanitary conditions. This means not only a constant need to buy new products for testing and to replace ones that are depleted, but also maintaining stock of sanitation materials and disposables such as tissues, Q tips, makeup sponges and puffs, mascara wands, false lashes, as well as hair pins. I am also required to have makeup for every skin type, and shade in addition to different hair styling products and thermal tools appropriate for every hair type & texture.

  • 4) Other costs: Travelling to and from location requires time and money. As much as I wish to have the superpower to teleport myself and my almost 100lb hair/makeup set bag to get to you, it is not possible. Whether I reach you by car or commute by public transport, the cost of transportation must be calculated and included. Advertising and website maintenance are also some of the miscellaneous costs being factored into pricing.

  • 5) Time: Aside from providing services on the day of, I will be providing skincare/makeup advice, taking your emails, text messages, Facebook inquires and Pinterest boards and phone calls to answer questions. Your schedule becomes mine; if you have an early start in the morning, I have an even earlier start! All of the time spent reviewing your Pinterest boards, discussing styling options, providing skin care suggestions, going over scheduling, coordinating, is time “on the clock” where I am devoting my attention to you. You are receiving a customized service! Believe me, it is all TIME, and not just the time that you’re sitting in the chair having your makeup and hair done. Ultimately, it is my job. Everyone deserves to get paid for his or her job, right? Makeup artists have bills and living expenses, the same as anyone else.

Makeup artistry is my business. And I set a fair pricing for my expertise and do not waiver from these amounts. It’s difficult to drop the rate for one client and have it get around, and I may end up having to offer lower rates for everyone. Charging below the standard also kills the industry. Therefore, my rates are set at a reasonable price that is impartial and honest for every client. I do not compromise the quality of my work just as I do not compromise my prices. 



Do you discount for large parties?


Larger parties means more work. I do not bite off more than I can chew for the sake of making more money. That being said if you have a larger party I am most likely going to have to hire more staff to accommodate your needs. The staff that I use is the best in the industry and has their own personal "day-fee" that has to be met. In order for me to give you the best over all experience I cannot lower my rates due to the volume of work. I do offer custom packages for parties with five or moer hair and make-up services, based on time, location and date of wedding. 



What is included in the deposit?


Deposits for weddings on Weekdays or Weekends are $500 and Holidays are $750. The deposit is the day-fee minimum. Once the deposit is paid you have covered the day-fee for on-location. Any balance due after the deposit would be for services exceeding the deposit amount. You can use the deposit for any hair and make-up services you like the day of the wedding.



What is a consultaiton/trial? 

Consultations are a lot of fun! We spend upwards of 3 hours creating your perfect hair and make-up look! We do not lock you into one hairstyle or make-up look for the trial, but rather encourage you to try different options (just like dress shopping). After you decided on a style you love best we document it and add it to your personal bridal inspiration file. We highly recommend that you have the consultation on the same day as a dress fitting, this way you get to see the total package and make changes if necessary. If you are not going to a dress fitting after the consultation we will change your wedding look complimentary, so that it remains a surprise for the big day. 

What is the cancellation/refund policy? 

You have until 90 days before your event to cancel for any reason with a 50% refund of your deposit. Consultations are none refundable. There are only so many weekends in a year and I am booked for all of them. In the wedding industry most brides hire hair and make-up vendors 6-8 months before their event. It is very difficult to re-book an event that is cancelled less than 90 days out; therefore any event cancelled less than 90 days out will forgo the deposit.



What are the travel fees?

There are no travel fees for the areas including the palm beaches and north broward county. Areas beyond north broward such as south of  Hollywood/Pines and north of Jupiter are priced upon consultation.  


Do you "hold" wedding dates?

Due the volume of inquires we DO NOT HOLD WEDDING DATES WITH OUT A SIGNED CONTRACT AND DEPOSIT. There are no exceptions. If you are mailing a contract and check we will put a 7-day hold on your wedding date. If you want to book a consultation before moving forward we will give you first right of refusal, but will not hold the date.



Are there additional fees for using assistants?

Typically the use of additional help does not require any additional fees. I bring staff on-location for large parties where more help is needed and their day fee is covered in services rendered. The only time there would be additional fees for extra staff is if the amount of services does not meet the day fee minimum for the extra staffing. For example; if you have 4 girls needing hair and make-up, but only 3 hours to get ready, another stylist would be needed to accommodate the timing constraints. In this case there would be an additional charge to compensate the day fee of the assistant. If you have a party of 5 or more typically there is no additional fees for extra help.


Can my bridal party pay you seperatly, can I pay you the day of the wedding?

Full payment is due two weeks prior to your wedding date. We do not take separate payments from your bridal party, just as your florist does not take separate payments for each bouquet; services are paid as a group. Once an invoice is approved for services and payment is made we will compose a timeline/schedule and style board for you. If anyone wants to pay the day of the wedding they will be "flying stand-bye" on a cash only biases, added on the timeline after the last person is completed if there is time.


Do You sub-contract out work?

No! What you see is what you get! As a bride when you hire Beauty Couture for hair and make-up you are guaranteed to get Jennette as your personal stylist. We are happy to refer brides to some of our favorite pros in the industry if we are booked, but we DO NOT DOUBLE BOOK WEDDING DATES. Jennette has a firm belief that when a bride is looking at hair and make-up images she should hire the artist that created them.


What is the difference between "hair styling" and "up-do's"?

The main difference is the obvious; "up-do's" is hairstyling with the use bobby pins (yes, half-up is an up-do). "Hair styling" is manipulating the hair into the desired down style. What you might not know is that "hair styling" often requires more time, skill and product than an "up-do", therefore is not a lower rate. A lot of brides are looking for that "Kim Kardasian" look, something like that most of the time takes double the time than an "up-do".As a rule of thumb, if it requires bobby pins- it's an "up-do", if it is all down and requires the use of hot tools- it's "hair styling" and lastly if it is damp and requires the use of a blow dryer- it's a "blow-out". Please make sure and be clear of your needs when communicating, just because something seems "simple" to you does not always mean less work.


What type of make-up do you use?


I use a variety of products from high-end professional use only to over the counter generic brands. For airbrush foundation I use OCC Cosmetics. They are a vegan make-up line that is hypo allergenic and great for all skin types. I do not believe that there is one superior make-up line; I prefer to work with many different lines, being able to pull the best products from many different companies. This is one of the best factors with getting a private make-up artist; we are not locked into one specific make-up or hair styling line. ​

Can you use my personal make-up and brushes if I have allergies?


We realize that many clients have allergies or special needs when it comes to skin care. Our goal is to give you a relaxing and professional beauty experience. Although we do not like using a client’s personal products, we are not opposed to it. All of our skin care products are hypo allergenic, vegan and suitable for all skin types. If you are nervous about trying something new on your wedding day, I highly recommend having a trial. If you are dissatisfied with the reaction your skin has to our products, we have no problem accommodating your needs. The key here is to have an open line of communication with your stylist, so they can make the proper notes in your file.


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